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THP Inc Ltd was established in 2016 offering tailored optical solutions for New Zealand Council roads. We are well known by our customers for providing reliable products – fit for purpose, caring for our customer’s needs with actions that speak louder than words. We are not just a supplier, but a company whose staff are dedicated to making a positive difference in our customer’s business.​

THP has staff that-

  • care about you and your needs, and

  • seek to understand your business, and

  • work together as a team, with our own individual skills whilst recognising our weaknesses and supporting each other in them to collectively help our customers.


Service and support at THP are not just words we bandy around but are evident in what we do, they are part of who we are!


Our competition keeps stock from which replacements are required for faulty products, but with AT’s failure rate of Tasman II at zero, our stock is for our customer’s urgent needs – not our failures!


Asset owners are often encouraged to dim our competition luminaires, but with Tasman II having the highest lumens/watt and using precision-made optics based on your roadway geometry, dimming our competition on V roads by 30% may end up close to our design wattage. Now that is designing a luminaire that speaks of our care for saving you energy.


Our future range of products will be based on our customer’s needs.


4 Whetu Place, Rosedale

Auckland, 0632

Tel: +64 9 421 1848


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